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Ways to help the flooding in Haywood Country...

It's been a long and draining week for Haywood county and other low lying areas of Western North Carolina. Last Tuesday Tropical Depression Fred came through dropping a record amount of rain within a 24 hour period.

On Aug. 18, Gov. Roy Cooper declared a state of emergency in Western North Carolina. This is an emergency close to our hearts and homes.

Here's a few options of how you can help those affected by the flooding:

  • Volunteer: Our team has spent a total of 4 days volunteering around Haywood county at individual homes and non-profits. The clean up of this disaster will take weeks. Please let us know if you have time to help.

  • Donate: A few options for monetary or physical donations. (We are not affiliated with any of these and recommend you donate to anywhere you are comfortable)

If you have been affected by the flooding here are ways to receive help:

  • Call the helpline at 828-356-2022 for non-emergency questions, assistance and directions on next steps in the process of healing.

  • Free debris cleanup call WNC Flooding Home Cleanup Hotline: Services include: Cut fallen trees; drywall, flooring and appliance removal; tarping roofs, mold mitigation. 828-222-3975 or visit

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