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Kitchen Storage Ideas Without Breaking the Bank

Updated: Mar 5

The holidays are just around the corner. And with hungry ghosts and goblins gathered around the island and Grandpa carving the Thanksgiving turkey, your kitchen is going to be busy!

If you have a small kitchen, the “heavy load” your kitchen will bear during the upcoming holidays may feel overwhelming, especially when it comes to storage solutions.

Don’t despair! In the nooks and crannies of your kitchen, opportunities for storage await. It won’t cost a fortune to discover these hidden spaces for great storage solutions. Is there empty space above your refrigerator just begging for shelves and baskets? Does the space under the sink need a little organization to meet its potential?

Let’s examine a few areas of your kitchen that are simply dying to become a storage solution!

Toe-kick Drawers

Between your cabinets and the floor lies a storage mecca! Have you heard of a toe-kick drawer? These unique drawers take advantage of that unused space. Thin and flat, the drawers fit beautifully into small spaces and are perfect for cutting boards or baking sheets!

Tip-Out Trays

I love a tip-out tray! Perfect in front of a sink or stovetop, these functional little drawers are ideal for storing sponges, brushes, cleaning items, or cooking utensils. Best of all, it frees up other space while keeping these oft-used items right at your fingertips.

Crazy Corner Cabinets

We all have them—those corner cabinets that simply swallow up anything that is placed too deep. But there are simple solutions to reclaiming that space and upgrading your kitchen storage. Consider installing pull out shelving, or to keep it even simpler, install a lazy susan to keep all the cabinet’s contents within easy grasp.

Think Shelves!

Look around your kitchen. Do you have blank walls crying out for shelving? You can store plates, glasses, serving bowls and much more while freeing up additional space in cupboards. Consider the use of baskets to keep the shelves tidy!

Kitchens are meant to be used and with a little ingenuity, you might be able to add storage space easily and affordably!

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