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You Won’t Believe What Your Agent is Doing Behind Your Back!

But I think you’ll like it! Of course, I’m not talking about anything creepy or shady or—gasp!—illegal. I’m talking about all the things that I am doing to get the job done right with the least amount of stress for you--my clients.

Where do I start?


Like Santa Claus himself, I make a list and check it twice. Or three times! And my planning begins before our first meeting. I analyze the current market and trends, prepare a CMA if applicable, and outline a strategy for helping you buy or sell your dream home right here in North Carolina!


If you are a buyer, I’m scouring the area to help you find the home of your dreams, setting up appointments, and reviewing disclosures to help you see the ‘big picture.’ Are you a seller? I’m following up with agents and buyers who see your home to get all the ‘intel’ we need to be competitive. Does the pantry need sprucing up? Does the deck squeak? Or, heaven forbid, does the guest room smell like your new puppy? Quick pivots are always necessary during the home selling process. Information is power.


Behind your back, I’m pouring over potential offers for your home, reviewing contingencies, and calling lenders to discuss the qualification of a potential buyer to assure that they are indeed ready to buy your home.

Are you a buyer? Before that offer is ever submitted, I’m in contact with the listing agent to discuss some of the “little things” that might make your offer stand out to the seller. Sometimes, offering the option for rent back or a quick close can swing the pendulum in your favor. My job is to see what way that pendulum needs to swing!


Transactions don’t close themselves! Behind your back, I’m making sure all timelines are satisfied by all parties. I’m working with agents, lenders, transaction coordinators, appraisers, contractors, and handypeople to make sure that everything is handled appropriately.

But if we are being honest, issues come up. I’ll be on top of the issues and in many cases, you won’t even know that there was a glitch.


I’d be pleased to have your back! Call anytime to learn more about the current market and to see if it’s a good time for you to make a move! 828-423-3578

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